Altech Bursary

Altech bursary is under accounting bursaries as it allows applicants who want to further their studies to do so while they receive financial support from Altech.

Altech is part of the Multi-media and Information Technology (TMT) division of parent company, Altron.

Altech are awarding bursaries to deserving students, who are working towards obtaining their undergraduate degree in the Engineering/ IT/ Accounting sector.

Bursaries will be awarded to students within the following fields of study:

Accounting (CA Option)
Computer Science/ Information Technology
Electrical Engineering
Electronic Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Industrial Engineering
The bursary will cover the following expenses: registration fees, tuition, prescribed books, accommodation in residence (or an amount equal to res accommodation).

Students will be required to partake in vocational work while studying, for a minimum of 6 weeks per year. Students will also be required to work for Altech on completion of their studies, for an equal period of time as their bursary awarded.

Who Can Apply?

Applicants must satisfy the following minimum entry criteria before applying:

South African citizen,
Currently studying within one of the aforementioned fields (please note: bursaries are only awarded for 2nd/ 3rd/ 4th year of study),
Studying at a University (technikon students cannot apply),
Achieve high academic results.

How To Apply?

The latest application form can be obtained online at:

Alternatively, please request an application form by emailing: