Harmony Gold Bursary Application Forms 2018 – 2019

The objective of the Harmony Bursary Scheme is to recruit and select
bursars for full time study at accredited Tertiary Institutions. By
educating, training and developing individuals who demonstrate the
appropriate skills, knowledge and competence, value creation is
sustained for the company and all it’s stakeholders.

The scheme contributes to the development of historically
disadvantaged South Africans and covers tuition and residence fees, as
well as prescribed textbooks and a personal allowance.
Preference is given to the following fields, which are functional to the mining industry.

Mining Engineering

Mining is an underground or open cast process whereby minerals are extracted by means of explosives.

Metallurgy (extractive only)

Metallurgy is the study of the economical recovery of precious metals
and minerals. (Exploring by use of all the disciplines and techniques.)

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (Heavy current only)

A competent Electrical or Mechanical Engineer is a member of the
management team at each operation. They are responsible for the safe
installation and the proper operation, running and maintenance of all
machinery, both electrical and mechanical. They are also responsible for
the safe erection and proper maintenance of all buildings and
structures on these operations.

Geology (Ore Reserves)

At Harmony the Geologist is an integral member of the Management
Team, and is accountable for extracting ore body in an optimal manner.
At an early stage the geologist will apply his/her knowledge to the
practical solution of problems in the underground environment, liasing
closely with the production teams. Daily duties include underground
mapping, borehole logging, data collection and synthesis (structural,
sedimentological and grade) and communication of their findings to the
rock breaking teams.

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