By | August 1, 2011

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Eskom Bursary is committed to ensuring that all qualified students have continued access to high-quality educational programmes that will provide them with the skills and expertise they need for their future success. The aim of the bursary programmes is to provide students with support in specific disciplines that are in line with our business needs. The bursaries are offered to students in technical colleges, technikons and universities, in particular to talented youngsters who could become future employees.
Eskom make use of a value chain of educational, training, and developmental interventions. The value chain ensures that a learning, training or development intervention is not undertaken in isolation, but benefit from or is supported by other interventions. The ultimate aim is to maximise the overall benefit for the student, while ensuring a sustainable pipeline of skills to meet business needs. The future electricity needs of the organization demand the availability of talented professionals in a variety of disciplines.
The value chain starts when the learners are still in secondary school, when the organization provides the necessary guidance and motivation to awaken in them an interest in the fields of science and technology.

Eskom Bursary Target Audience

After school they attend either universities or universities of technology, and then can return to work at Eskom as young professionals. The organization will put them on programmes to enhance their professional, technological and engineering skills, and to equip them with the necessary leadership abilities. The Eskom bursary scheme offers bursaries on the basis of a service-binding contract after graduation for a period equal to the tenure of the bursar. The bursaries are offered to students for tertiary education at universities, technical colleges, and technikons. The study support is in line with Eskom’s long-term skills requirements. However, the bursars are not guaranteed employment at Eskom on completion of their studies. The applicants need to apply for employment at Eskom.

Eskom Bursary Empowers Students

Our emphasis on education, skills development, and training is based on the belief that the future growth and economic viability of our country and its people depend to a larger extent on the availability of sufficient professional people qualified in engineering and other disciplines. Our ever-expanding industrial, commercial., and mining activities as well as the increased demand on the existing infrastructure have already created an insatiable need for competent people, particularly in the fields of engineering, research, development, design, construction and production functions. We encourage you to take a look at eskom bursary and see if you can apply.

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