Eskom Graduates Training Opportunities

By | May 3, 2016

Eskom Graduates Training Opportunities

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Graduates in Training Vacancy type: External/Internal

Task Grade : TR7

Area of Speacialization : Successful Applicants will be required to sign a 2 year Internship Contract and will be paid a stipend according to Company Policies and Procedures

Department : Various

Business Unit : Various

Location : Various

Reference Number : ERI 0010443

Closing Date : May 13, 2016

Minimum Application Requirements

Construction Services and Bulk Material Services
Safety Health Environment & Quality Department
•  3 years National Diploma/Degree Safety Management X5

Logistics Services
Multi Axels and Ops and Brokerage Department
•  3 years National Diploma/Degree Transport/Logistics Management X4

Logistics Services
Logistics Support Department
•  3 years National Diploma/Degree Business Management X2
Logistics Services
Waste Department
•  3 years National Diploma/Degree Environment Studies X1

Risk and Resilience
•  3 years National Diploma/Degree Safety Management  X1
•  3 years National Diploma/Degree Risk Management or Integrated Risk management  X1

Strategic Enablement
•  BCom Business Management  X2
•  3 years National Diploma/Degree Marketing Management  X2

Finance and Governance
•  BCom Finance/Accounting X4
•  BCom Law/LLB X3

Supply Chain Management
•  3 years National Diploma/Degree Logistics Management or Supply Chain Management X4

Turbo Gen Services (SHEQ and HCM)
•  3 years National Diploma/Degree Safety Management X2
•  3 years National Diploma/Degree Human Resources Management X1
•  3 years National Diploma/Degree Human Resources Development X1

Experience Required
•  None

Skills and Competencies

•  Computer Skills in MS Word, Excel
•  Good leadership Skills
•  Problem Solving/Conflict

•  Excellent Communication Skills
•  Able to work under pressure
•  Honest and Reliable
•  Adaptability to change
•  Own initiative/forward thinker

Key Responsibilities


How To Apply?

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