ATNS Bursary Programme 2018

ATNS Bursaries

Air Traffic and Navigation Services (ATNS) is responsible for air traffic control in approximately 10% of the worlds airspace. Over and above traditional air traffic control, we also provide aeronautical information for planning purposes, search and rescue coordination services, the maintenance of a reliable navigation infrastructure, training services, and many more.

ATNS bursaries are for students to train towards a career in air traffic management with the goal of becoming an air traffic control officer (ATCO).

The program provides each bursar with an opportunity to conduct their studies at the Aviation Training Academy (ATA) in Bonaero Park.

Applicants should be aware that our application process includes ability assessments and a formal interview.

For further information about our Bursary Programs please log onto

The ideal candidate will have the following competencies:


Good Communicatin Skills
Teamwork and Multi tasking skills
Problem solving skills
Quick Decision making
Emotional Intelligence
High Self-esteem and confidence Level
Spatial reasoning ability
Analytical Skills

How To Apply?

Apply online here.

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