Multichoice Graduate Programme

Multichoice Graduate Programme

Multichoice requires Industrial Engineering and Data Analyst graduates to fill internship roles in Randburg.

Responsibilities – Data Analyst

• Identification of the need for in depth analytics

• Production of detailed analytics to solve key business problems

• Drive the development of analytics:

• Ensure analytical tracking of recurring business requirements, in identifying online consumer behaviour across all digital products (Apps, mobile and online)

• Prepare and develop appropriate reporting tools to consolidate analytical findings to a wide range of stakeholders including the management team

• Analyse and report on commercial performance through engaging with stakeholders and accessment of business analytical needs.

• Analyse and manage data, through sourcing, validating, manipulating and understanding.

Apply intermediate and advanced analysis on data and provide business with clear insights addressing business concerns.

Responsibilities – Industrial Engineering

• Development of business processes across the organisation.
• Analyse business processes across the organisation.
• Analyse the inter-relationships between business processes across the organisation.
• Perform business process impact analysis.
• Identify gaps and improvement opportunities in business processes.
• Process optimisation by designing and re-engineering business processes.
• Design, develop, assist and support the organisation’s process architecture and/or enterprise architecture.
• Ensure that the process architecture is aligned to the organisation’s enterprise architecture.
• Ensure process alignment and integration across the organisation.
• Apply appropriate approaches, methodologies, tools and frameworks.
• Alignment of processes, projects and all business initiatives to the organisation’s strategy.
• Facilitation and monitoring of change management for business process changes.
• Professional reporting
• Conduct research.


• Data Analyst – BSc degree in (Statistics or Actuarial Science or Computer Science )

• Industrial Engineering – B.Commerce/ Bachelor of Sciences Degree in Industrial Engineering

How To Apply?

Deadline is 18 November 2016

• Data Analyst Graduate Apply ONLINE


Deadline is 03 December 2016
• Industrial Engineering Graduate Apply ONLINE

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